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Camouflage under eye circles

Dark circles under the eyes: how to get rid of !?

Nothing so clearly speaks of your fatigue as having a bluish circles under the eye color. The nature of most diverse origin, from the banal to the exhaustion of serious illness. Always consult your doctor and find out why they occur and to deal with visible defects will help camouflage techniques.

The procedure for camouflage under eye circles is introduced under the skin pigment color that matches your skin color. Thus, painful cyanosis, or yellow pigment spots overlap feathered, and the defect is not visible.

Price of the procedure:

Camouflage under eye circlesPrice
Procedure25000 RUR
(2 h)
Correction3000 RUR 
(1 h)
Refresh12000 RUR 
(2 h)

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