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Luxury permanent makeup eyebrows - Роскошный перманентный макияж – салон татуажа в Санкт-Петербурге :: Академия Совершенства Валерии Барченко
Пн-Вс: 10:00-21:00
г. Санкт-Петербург, м. Петроградская, Каменноостровский пр-т 40а
Luxury permanent makeup eyebrows

What is the shape of eyebrows would like to have you?

Surprise, a raised-or flirtatiously curved? Or maybe you need to hide scars or blemishes? This will help you to tattoo eyebrows. The main difference between tattoo eyebrows (before and after photos shown here, only confirm it) from the application of makeup – a natural. No pencil, no eye shadow you will not get such a natural form of the brow, as if tattoo. “Painted” eyebrow pencil will always seem artificial.

Permanent makeup eyebrows done using several techniques:

  • Imitation of natural hair – is used to camouflage scars, scars, blemishes, and in the absence of hairs
  • Feathering the amount of 3D – used to emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows faded
  • Thick Feather-style pin-up – easy to cope with the problem of rare light hairs or in the case of complete absence
  • Transition distributions of colors and accents – is used to achieve a smooth transition from darker to lighter shades of eyebrows
  • The effect of pearl highlight under the eyebrow adds expressiveness and poignancy

Each technique eyebrows permanent makeup is used alone or in mixed form with other techniques, such as feather + hair , etc. 
Be sure tattoo eyebrows did not hurt your hairs: coloring pigment is introduced into the top layer of skin and hair follicle is a much deeper

Price of the procedure:

ProcedureMaster of the Academy
  • Imitation of natural hair
  • Feathering the amount of 3D
  • Thick Feather In the pin-up style
  • Transition distributions of colors and accents
  • The effect of pearl highlight under the brow
  • Mixed media: Feather + hairs, etc.
12000 RUR
(2 h 30 min)
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