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Permanent makeup halo breast - Роскошный перманентный макияж – салон татуажа в Санкт-Петербурге :: Академия Совершенства Валерии Барченко
Пн-Вс: 10:00-21:00
г. Санкт-Петербург, м. Петроградская, Каменноостровский пр-т 40а
Permanent makeup halo breast

Permanent makeup halo breast

Permanent makeup halo chest – not such a common procedure such as tattooing eyebrows, eyes, or permanent makeup tattooing of lips. In most cases, it is consulted by, if you want to hide the effects of surgery to increase breast size. This operation is carried out by several techniques, one of which involves applying a cut on the nipple, through which the implant is then introduced. After healing the wound left a scar on the nipple, which, as just the same and is intended to cover up an aura of permanent make-up chest.

In addition to tattooing the nipple resort and, if necessary, correct them, the location (asymmetry), shape and color as well as aesthetic purpose. Thanks to the nipple areola tattooing become a brighter shade, a clear path and the desired shape, which ultimately makes a woman sexy, sensual and desirable.

Permanent makeup procedure is absolutely painless breast aura, it takes place under the influence of anesthetic ointment, complete healing occurs in 3 weeks, and the effect lasts up to 5 years.

Price of the procedure:

Permanent makeup halo breastPrice
Procedure (one halo)12000 RUR
(1 h 30 min)
Correction (one halo)3000 RUR
(1 h)
Refresh (one halo)12000 RUR 
(2 h)

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