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Shadows on the upper eyelids

Shadows on the upper eyelids

Permanent make-up age to date does not end tattoo upper or lower age with “arrow”. This technique of applying colored pigments to the skin as a “shadow shading” effect allows you to create soft shadows on the upper eyelids. The shadows look completely natural, no makeup on your face feeling.

«Shadow Feather» overcomes “the severity of sight”, which is characteristic of those with the outer corner of his eyes hidden behind a massive century. Using the technique of “Shadow shading” can make the transition of color from lighter to darker shades, as well as the effect of “Smokey ayz.” In addition, permanent makeup can help conceal the operating age of the scars after blepharoplasty.

During the procedure, you will not feel any pain as the anesthesia tattoo vector used liquid anesthetic.


Price of the procedure:


Shadows on the upper eyelidsPrice
  • Shadows width the transitions of colors
  • Smoky eyes
25000 RUR
(3 h)
Refresh12000 RUR
(2 h)

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