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Luxury permanent makeup eyes

Expressive eyes

Expressive eyes, penetrating the soul, sizzling, and fighting on the spot, thick eyelashes, and almond-shaped eyes. Some they are given by nature, and someone just dreaming about it. It’s time to turn dreams into reality – permanent make-up eyelids open your eyes!

Do you have a very natural question: “What age can make a tattoo with thick eyelashes?” Hairs themselves – in any way, but to create the illusion of fluffy eyelashes is quite possible, it is necessary to make a tattoo on the age of the ciliary margin. Coloring pigment introduced a point exactly on the lash line, thus creating a visible effect of density.

Give your eyes regular shape, visually slightly increase or decrease them, helps tattooing as an arrow on the upper eyelid, and in conjunction with lower eyelid tattoo eye makeup can be considered complete. Just imagine, now you do not need no pencils for eyes, eyeliner and mascara. You will always look like it on your face a fresh make-up.


Price of the procedure:


Permanent makeup eyesPrice
  • Classic arrow with the liner effect
  • Filling in the color space mezhresnichnogo (the effect of fluffy eyelashes)
  • Soft arrow in pencil technique
  • Color arrow
  • The arrow with a light shading
  • Lighten: pearl effect
10000 RUR
(2 h 30 min)
Permanent make-up eyelids (upper and lower eyelids)12000 RUR
(2 h 30 min)
  • Glamorous arrow
11000 RUR
(2 h 30 min)
  • Lower eyelids with the liner effect
  • Lower eyelids with light shading
4000 RUR
(1 h 30 min)
Refresh eyelids5000 RUR
(1 h 30 min)
Refresh eyelids (upper and lower eyelids)6000 RUR
(1 h 30 min)

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