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Laser removal of permanent makeup

Laser removal of permanent makeup

Laser removal of permanent makeup is irradiated by laser pulses in the coloring pigment, which is under the skin. At the time of ‘laser attack’ is a local increase in temperature, the pigment is destroyed, and its decay products lymphatic system
removed from the body. Similarly, the laser operates in the mix, and tattoos.

If you have a tattoo or permanent make-up that you do not like, and you do not want to put up with it – the «Academy of Excellence» will help you get rid of this “disease».
To delete a poor PM and tattoos using laser facility
Nd: YAG Q-Swithed KTP Laser Cosmetic

Laser has the following indications for use:

  • Depigmentation of tattoos of various colors and depth of pigment, both professional and handicraft made
  • Depigmentation of permanent make-up, including an anatomically difficult areas: the line century, eyebrows, lips
  • Correction of permanent makeup and tattoos
  • Impregnation of the skin pigment particles as a result of injury or traumatic tattoos


Price of the procedure:


Laser removal of permanent makeupPrice
One item: eyebrow, upper lip1000 RUR
Two elements (eyebrows, lips)2000 RUR
One item: eyelid2000 RUR
Two items (lids)4000 RUR
One small item
(point, moles, small areas of the contours, smudges)
500 RUR
Tattoos (depending on size)~ 2000 RUR

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