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Permanent makeup corection

Permanent makeup corection

Correction of permanent makeup can be divided into two types:

  • Updating an existing tattoo in a month or a year – quite a natural process, as introduced under the skin pigment tends to fade over time, usually a year – half. In this case, the correction is done in order to make the brightness faded makeup
  • Complete replacement – usually the cause of customer dissatisfaction is the correction of the results of poor-quality tattoo or permanent makeup

To perform the correction using three basic techniques:

  1. Introduction of an additional amount of pigment under the skin
  2. Camouflage – a kind of “tattoo on tautazhe,” this technique involves no removal of dye, pigment and his painting of another (target) tone
  3. Laser correction – the complete removal of pigment from the top layer of skin


Price of the procedure:


Permanent makeup corectionPrice
Correction (one month later)3000 RUR
(1 h 30 min)
Correction (one year later)5000 – 7000 RUR
(1 h)

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